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Concert Review - DNCE

DNCE performing at Hofstra University's Fall Fest 2018

My first thought when I head that DNCE was performing at my school was "time to break out the Jonas Brothers posters!" Okay, fine, I was genuinely excited for DNCE, but along with the majority of the female population at Hofstra University, I was more excited to be in the presence of Joe Jonas.

A few songs into the set, I heart quite a few people saying how genuinely good the band is, and how they weren't expecting that kind of energy. It seemed like the general consensus was that their hit single Cake by the Ocean has been overplayed on the radio, but their other songs are bops.

DNCE was created of four members of various other bands to show that there's more to this Jonas than what was in his Disney days. The band truly proves this growth through their lyrics and overall performance.

DNCE currently are not touring, but be sure to watch their Facebook and Twitter for any updates! You can listen to their music, including their latest EP, People to People on Spotify and Apple Music.

Written and photographed by Simma Lamb.

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