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Concert Review - Sleeping With Sirens

I want to preface this by saying that I hate having to do what I am about to do - but what I hate more than writing a negative blog post is knowing that fans spent their money on an event that they didn't feel welcomed at.

Sleeping With Sirens was the third band to take the stage at Good Charlotte's Generation Rx Tour, and the last artists before the headliners. The band started off with great energy, and if anyone in the audience couldn't see the band at all, they would believe that they ended with the same high energy, but unfortunately, this wasn't the case.

The band came on stage ready to take on another date on their fall tour. A few songs in, vocalist, Kellin Quinn's body language drastically changed. My friend noticed that there was a break in the song where the audience should have been louder and might not have been as enthusiastic as Quinn had wanted.

As the set continued, Quinn barely looked at the audience, rolled his eyes at the rest of the band, and lacked the usual mid-set banter that all bands include. At the very end, he threw the mic down and stormed off stage without any announcement that their set was coming to an end.

Is Sleeping With Sirens a bad band? No. Did they put on a bad show in New York last night? Definitely. More than anything, I feel bad for the fans who had spent their money to see this show. I hope future SWS shows will be able to show me that this one show was a fluke.

Written by Simma Lamb

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