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Hoodie Allen - The Hype Tour

Hoodie Allen has been on tour since early October in support of his newest album, The Hype. With Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher as opening acts on tour, The Hype Tour made their biggest stop on tour in Boston on November 21. Allen is known for many things at his shows. This includes staying out as long as possible before the show starts to sign merchandise, and throwing cake into the audience during his song, “Cake Boy”.

Allen does everything in his power to make a concert feel like a one-on-one performance. If you are looking for an intimate feel at a show, while still getting hype, Hoodie Allen is the artist you’re looking for. From the cake, to the confetti, to the crowd surfing, The Hype Tour is a high-energy show you do not want to miss.

Although the US leg of The Hype Tour is almost over, Hoodie Allen will still be touring through mid-December in cities across Europe.

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