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Judah and The Lion - Concert Review

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

There is no better way to warm up on a crisp winter night than by “dancing along to the mando” at a Judah and The Lion Show. The band played their last show of the Folk Hip Hop era at The National in Richmond, VA by sharing special moments from the tour, pulling crowd members onto the stage for their rendition of Mr. Brightside and most importantly, spreading inspiration and sharing the beautiful night with a room full of family.

The crowd already dancing with excitement waiting for the band to start, J+TL took the stage with Booty Wurk and the night only went up from there. Lead singer Judah Akers shared personal stories behind the songs: leading into Going To Mars, he told everyone “you can do whatever you want with your life and your “something” can’t stop you from that.” They performed songs old and new, mandolin player Brian MacDonald freestyled, lots of dancing happened, and Judah continually thanked the crowd for us allowing them to all be as human as you can be on stage.

Thank you. There are not many artists who take the stage and are brave enough to be vulnerable with their emotions, words and even music. A Judah and The Lion show proves to continually be a comfortable space and feels a bit like home, no matter if I see them with my best friend or I take a nice long road trip to see them alone.

The band’s social media accounts have been hinting at new music releasing soon, with the band releasing a video titled “Pep Talks” this past Tuesday. Judah shared these new songs hold various feelings very close to his heart and he is excited to share them with us. I believe e can expect perhaps a different sound from the band, but know they will remain authentic as people and performers no matter the sound they are sharing with the world.

Photographed and written by Mia Al-Taher

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