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Lucy Dacus and illuminati hotties

Powerful singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus played in Charleston as one of the first stops on her tour. Joined by punk band illuminati hotties, the night was filled with lots of dancing and also crying (the necessary kind) thanks to the beautiful talented song-writing both artists have.

illuminati hotties are a four-piece high-energy, quirky punk group from L.A. Their personality on stage combined with their songs that actually feel tangible and extremely relatable, made for one of the best concert experiences I’ve had in awhile! Sarah, the lead singer, also played a new song she had written only a few days before titled “Growth” and it was absolutely beautiful. So, be on the lookout for that song and others I am sure to come from them!

When Lucy Dacus took to the stage, there was a vibrating feeling of warmth and excitement throughout the entire packed out venue. She played a new unreleased song and it was absolutely magical. Her band joined her and they played a fan favorite “Addictions.” Everyone in the room was dancing and also sort of in awe that Lucy was there- performing right in front of us!

Her soul radiates through her music and simple gestures while performing. She writes honest music and her stringing of words along with her ethereal voice makes for a beautiful concert. Lucy closed out the show with “Night Shift” also off of her full-length album “Historian” and the crowd shouted the lyrics at the very end. It was an amazing experience to be a part of. Everyone chanted, begging for one more song. She sang “Historian” joined by her guitar player. There was comfort to be found in the silence of the room and the moments after she finished and left the stage.

Lucy Dacus is a true artist and it was unreal to have the opportunity to see her live. She just released her own rendition of “La vie en Rose” and has a forth-coming EP as well. Make sure to stay up to date with her music, it is something you truly do not want to miss.

Written and photographed by Mia Al-Taher

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