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Misery Will Find You Tour - Review

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Australian metalcore band The Amity Affliction, joined by Senses Fail, has brought a co-headlining tour, Misery Will Find You, to the U.S and made a recent stop in Charlotte, NC!

With both bands releasing masterpiece albums in 2018, this tour is a great way to showcase those and start off the new year! The Amity Affliction’s most recent album, Misery, showcased an amplified and diverse sound for the band, and that was reflected in their live performance!

Pop punk band, Belmont, opened the evening with a high energy set. The group from Chicago released their first full length, self-titled album last year and I highly recommend listening to it! Personal favorites off of the album are “Hollowed Out” and “Convalescence.”

Silent Planet took to the stage next, opening their set with “The New Eternity” a song off of their most recent album “When The End Began.” Taking time in between each song to thank the crowd and also speak on important matters, lead singer Garrett Russell creates a beautiful connection in the room that makes you feel welcomed to be there no matter where you are at in life or what you are dealing with. The metal band from California gives their all in their performance and shares their authentic selves on stage and that will take them far in this world of live music.

Co-headliner Senses Fail came out with high energy from the moment they stepped on stage until the end of their set. Playing crowd favorites “Double Cross” and “Elevator to the Gallows” off of the most recent record, “If There Is Light It Will Find You” Buddy Nielsen ran around the stage pouring out his heart and energy to the crowd. Constantly cracking jokes, he wanted everyone there to have a good time and forget about whatever bullshit we may have going on saying “I will make you laugh because I love my life, my friends, my job and all of you.” It was a beautiful experience getting to see Senses Fail and they ended their set with a BANG doing a mashup of Chop Suey/Bodies/Break Stuff/Bulls on Parade.

Highly anticipated, The Amity Affliction was the last band to take the stage. They opened with “Drag The Lake” and played a good handful of songs off of the new record. Their live performance felt so unique with the combination of electronic pop sounds and their metal roots that are very much prevalent. The Amity Affliction also played some older songs such as “Pittsburgh” which was a crowd favorite!

The entire lineup on the Misery Will Find You Tour is fantastic and I highly recommend going to a show on an upcoming date this next month! Click for dates and tickets to the tour!

Written and photographed by Mia Al-Taher

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