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How do you enjoy a concert if you can’t hear the music?

For hearing people, it’s a legitimate question. Music is a sound, it goes through your ears… and that’s it, right?

Wrong. You can feel the bass of the music. Although it’s not something hearing people typically think about, vibrations are a make or break factor for a Deaf person experiencing any form of music.

What does this look like in a venue-type setting? Accessible speakers, mostly. This means that they are at a height able to be reached by someone. Depending on the level of deafness, the closer proximity to an amplifier, the more one may be able to hear the music. That being said, there are still many Deaf individuals that this would not help. This is where the vibrations come in. The ability to stand themselves up against the loudspeaker allows the music to pulse through them. Instead of hearing the concert, they feel it.

With ever-evolving technology, Not Impossible Labs created a harness that vibrates with the music at a show. This harness, Music: Not Impossible, is described as“a ‘surround body’ music experience featuring innovative Vibrotextile ™ technology” that enhances the experience of music for all, including the Deaf community.

Music: Not Impossible technology in action

Although we have a long way to go with inclusivity and accessibility, these vests are an amazing first step. If you want to learn more about how Deaf people experience music and how hearing people can help to make it more accessible, make sure to view the video below.

Written by Simma Lamb

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