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Spotify Wrapped is Here!

Spotify Wrapped just dropped, and before I take a look at mine, I’ve been thinking about what it is going to look like this year.

Last year, I went to Excel and made a chart of my top 100 of 2021, realizing that 4 artists made up 50% of that list. These artists are Hot Chelle Rae, Huddy, Jesse McCartney and A Day To Remember. I’m expecting very similar results this year, but with a few different artists. Jesse McCartney will absolutely still be up there, along with Josh Ramsay. Due to how depressed I was when Mercury - Acts 1 & 2 came out and how long the album is, I’m also expecting Imagine Dragons to take up a large portion of my Wrapped. I’m also assuming that Bastille will be up there in numbers as well, but more for a different reason. They released their newest album 3 different times - as Give Me The Furture, a deluxe version, and an extended version (Other People’s Heartache pt 20, or something). This means that I have at least 3 saved versions of most of the songs, if not more because of singles.

When people use the term “music nerd,” they’re not typically talking about a person who uses a pie chart to look at their Spotify Wrapped Playlist, but yet here I am, super excited to do it again and see my results.

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